Jersey – Pearl in the Ocean, 7+ facts of the island

Photos and text: Adrián Szász dr.

Jersey – not to be confused with New Jersey, NY, USA – is one of the Channel Islands, the second-closest to France, located near the coast of Normandy. It has a population of about 100 000, its official language is English and has its own currency: Jersey pound. Most of its inhabitants (46%) were born on the island – they call themselves ‘Jersey bean’ that comes from the traditional Jersey bean and vegetable dish ‘bean crock’ -, the second-largest ethnic group is British (33%). The island is only 15 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide, with altitude of about 140 meters above sea level. The journey to Jersey by ferry takes one and a half hours from St. Malo, France and four and a half hours from Poole, England (the flight from London is 45 mins). 7 more interesting facts of Jersey can be read in the post – let’s check it! 😉

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